Senator Wiley Nickel introduced Senate Bill 331 to fund a full-time nurse in every public school in North Carolina. The bill would allocate money to local school districts to distribute to each school.

Senator Nickel said, “This bill is about ensuring the safety of our children. Many nurses have to split their time between two or three schools while untrained receptionists and teachers must take on nursing responsibilities in their absence. That’s unacceptable.”

 Senator Nickel also said, “Additionally, this bill is about fighting the spread of COVID-19. This global pandemic has made it clear that North Carolina needs to step up and ensure the wellbeing of our kids while they’re at school.”

A companion bill in the House, HB 347 has been filed with Representatives Ball, Cunningham, Ager, and Cooper-Suggs as sponsors.

  • North Carolina has an average of 1 nurse for every 1007 students.
  • Wake County has an average of 1 nurse for every 1693 students. 
  • The Federal guidelines recommend 1 nurse for every 750 students
  • The National Association of School Nurses recommends one nurse per school.