Apex Town Council Member endorses Wiley Nickel for NC Senate

Apex Town Council Member Audra Killingsworth endorse Wiley Nickel for NC Senate-16.

In a statement written by Council Member Killingsworth she said,“I believe in community, compassion, and commitment to Western Wake County.  Wiley Nickel shares those values and is the best choice for State Senate in the new 16th District.  Wiley is an attorney and small business owner and he understands that we need more local control at the municipal level – not less.  He understands that we need more affordable housing in Western Wake County and that we must do a better job investing in transportation and infrastructure on the State level.  I’m proud to endorse Wiley Nickel for State Senate in the new 16th District and encourage Western Wake County Democrats and Unaffiliated voters to support Wiley Nickel in the May 8th Democratic Primary election.”

In response to this endorsement, Wiley Nickel said, “I am grateful for the endorsement by Council Member Killingsworth. Audra is a new generation of leadership and I look forward to working with her to improve the lives of people Wake County.”