BBQ with Attorney General Josh Stein

By September 20, 2018 No Comments
Caroline and I would like to invite you to an old-fashioned pig picking this Saturday, September 22, at noon. We’re hosting special guests Senator Jay Chaudhuri and Attorney General Josh Stein at the Edwards Farm in Cary to have some fantastic barbecue and talk about a progressive future in North Carolina.
We’re just weeks away from one of the most important elections that North Carolina has ever had. Not only do we have the chance to break the Republican supermajority that has stopped NC from focusing on strengthening our schools and expanding access to affordable health care, but the GOP has written six constitutional amendments for the ballot that are meant to deceive the voters and consolidate more power for the Republican Party.
But we know that’s not what North Carolina wants. If we turn out the vote in a big way in November, we know we’ll win—but we need to make sure the voters hear our message and get to the polls.
That’s why we’re gathering this Saturday and kicking our campaign into high gear. It’s not just about my campaign, but every progressive who can help change North Carolina’s direction come November.
Thank you,
Wiley Nickel
Candidate for N.C. Senate District 16