Senate Democratic Whip Terry Van Duyn Endorses Wiley Nickel for State Senate

Senate Democratic Whip Terry Van Duyn Endorses Wiley Nickel for State Senate
As the second-ranking member of the Senate leadership, Van Duyn’s endorsement comes on the heels of other prominent Democrats endorsing Nickel after his victory in the May Democratic primary.

Cary, NC – Today, the Wiley Nickel for North Carolina campaign announced the endorsement of Senate Democratic Whip Terry Van Duyn. In her statement, Van Duyn praised Nickel’s public service and his commitment to creating a state where everyone has a fair shot to get ahead.

“I am proud to endorse Wiley Nickel for State Senate in District 16” said Sen. Van Duyn. “Wiley served our country honorably as a White House staffer under President Obama. As a State Senator, I know Wiley will be committed to building a better, brighter state by strengthening our public schools, protecting our health and safety, creating good paying jobs, and ensuring all North Carolinians have an equal voice.”

“I’m so proud to have Sen. Van Duyn’s endorsement in my race for State Senate,” said Nickel. “As the Senate Democratic Whip, she has been a champion for North Carolina families by working to attract living wage jobs, advocating for education and protecting our environment. She has been a leader in recruiting the top candidates we will need to Break the Majority in November. If elected to the State Senate, I hope to work with Sen. Van Duyn to build a better, stronger North Carolina where everyone has a fair shot to get ahead.”

Nickel won the May 8th Democratic primary election. He has been endorsed by dozens of prominent Democratic elected officials and organizations, like Equality NC, the Sierra Club, NC League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood Votes! South Atlantic, North Carolina State AFL-CIO, Teamsters Local 391, Raleigh Professional Fire Fighters Association, Network for Public Education Action, North Carolina Advocates for Justice Political Action Committee, #VOTE PRO-CHOICE, the Triangle Labor Council, People for Action on Climate Change, Muslim American Public Affairs Council, Deborah Ross, Senator Jeff Jackson, Raleigh City Council Member Stef Mendell, Durham City Council Member Vernetta Alston, Morrisville Town Council Member Steve Rao, Morrisville Town Council Member Jerry Windle, Former Congressman Bob Etheridge, Former NC Senator Cal Cunningham, Former Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby, John I. Wilson, former Executive Director of the National Education Association and dozens of other local elected officials and community leaders.

Democrat Wiley Nickel is a practicing attorney in Cary, NC where he lives with his wife, Caroline, and their two children. Wiley graduated from Tulane University as a Political Science major and received his law degree from the Pepperdine University School of Law. Before opening his law practice, Wiley worked for the White House traveling with President Barack Obama in the United States and abroad. He also traveled with Vice President Al Gore during the Clinton/Gore White House.

As a local Cary attorney and small business owner, Wiley works every day to see that his clients are treated fairly and compassionately by the North Carolina justice system. Wiley is running for the State Senate because he believes it’s time for our legislators to solve real problems instead of passing an extreme partisan agenda. When Wiley is elected to the Senate he will be one more vote towards ending the Republican supermajority that is fighting Governor Cooper at every turn.

Wiley believes it’s time to focus on strengthening our public schools, creating high paying jobs, expanding access to affordable healthcare and protecting our environment. Wiley will lead the fight to protect a woman’s right to choose, push for stronger gun control laws and implement independent redistricting reform that takes the power to draw new legislative districts out of the hands of politicians.