Pro-Choice Group Endorses Wiley Nickel for NC Senate


Wiley Nickel supports reproductive rights for all North Carolinians, committing to protect and defend these rights if elected.

Cary, NC – #VOTEPROCHOICE, an inclusive political engagement platform focused on electing pro-choice champions up and down the ballot, announced this week their proud endorsement of Wiley Nickel, the Democratic nominee running to represent western Wake County in the NC Senate. #VOTEPROCHOICE is endorsing Wiley Nickel because of his unwavering support of women’s reproductive health rights in North Carolina.

Heidi Sieck, Co-founder, and CEO of #VOTEPROCHOICE said after endorsing Wiley Nickel for State Senate, that pro-choice champions can win in blue, purple and even red districts. “Seventy percent of Americans support safe and legal access to abortion. That includes areas like Cary, Morrisville & Raleigh. We’re identifying these pro-choice voters and mobilizing them to #VOTEPROCHOICE on Tuesday, November 6th. Wiley Nickel can win — and we encourage all voters who support access to essential healthcare services like birth control, and safe, legal, and affordable abortion to turn out to support his campaign.”

Wiley Nickel is glad to have the support of #VoteProChoice saying, “I believe that reproductive healthcare decisions should be made by a woman informed by a healthcare professional and in consultation with her family, and her faith. Women should have access to safe, legal, and affordable reproductive health services without stigma, shame or intimidation. Politicians do not have the right to play partisan games with something so deeply personal as a woman’s reproductive health.”

Nickel continued to state, “Every year North Carolina legislators introduce bills with the intent of restricting access to essential healthcare services like birth control, STD testing, cancer screenings and abortions services. In the State Senate, I will oppose all legislation that attempts to restrict a woman’s ability to make her own medical decisions.”

Since 2016, #VOTEPROCHOICE has worked to elect pro-choice candidates at every level of government. As part of the 2017 resistance movement, #VOTEPROCHOICE endorsed 60 candidates, sent out over 3 million #VOTEPROCHOICE Voter Guides, texted with over 200,000 voters to help turn out the pro-choice vote in elections from school board to statewide judicial races. Sixty percent of their endorsed candidates were elected. In 2018, Wiley Nickel joins the #ROEvolution, the group’s campaign to elect over 300 pro-choice champions in 2018.

For more information on #VOTEPROCHOICE please contact Linsey Pecikonis at linsey@voteprochoice.us or 202-746-8426.