The Indy Week Endorses Wiley Nickel for State Senate

By October 16, 2018 No Comments

The Indy Week Endorses Wiley Nickel for State Senate in District 16

“The old saw tells us that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Republicans have held absolute power on Jones Street since 2013, for the last two years by virtue of illegitimate supermajorities won through unconstitutional gerrymanders. Democrats need to net six Senate seats or four House seats to overcome the supermajority, eliminate the GOP’s ability to override Governor Cooper’s vetoes at will, and make the Republicans’ power something less than absolute”

State Senate, District 16: Wiley Nickel

“[W]e were impressed with his background working in the Obama administration and for former Vice President Al Gore, his ability to raise money, and his thoughtful approach to policymaking. His Republican opponent, Paul Smith—whose campaign Facebook page has nine “likes”—is a self-proclaimed “Christian conservative” and antiabortion activist. Nickel is going to win, and he’ll do so with our support.”