The Raleigh News & Observer Endorses Wiley Nickel for NC Senate!

By October 13, 2018 No Comments

Break the GOP strangelhold on the legislature – and North Carolina: The Raleigh News & Observer endorses Wiley Nickel for State Senate in the new 16th Senate District.

By the News & Observer Editorial Board

“Republicans have a 75-45 advantage in the House and a 35-15 majority in the Senate. That’s enough to override a veto from Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat.

That needs to change. For that reason, The N&O endorses Democratic legislative candidates in the Triangle area in the Nov. 6 election. Democrats need to win six more Senate seats and four more House seats fall to break the GOP supermajorities in those chambers. For the good of North Carolina, that must happen.

…We think it’s more important that voters elect enough Democrats so that some of Gov. Cooper’s vetoes can stand. That would force the Republicans to work with Democrats in passing legislation that has broad support. Republicans would have to work harder to pass legislation — but the laws would be better.

…Republicans might have entered office in 2011 with good intentions but they’ve become enamored with themselves and with power. For the good of North Carolina, they need to be checked.”

Hit this link to read the entire endorsement.