LGBTQ Issues Update with Sen. Wiley Nickel

By June 3, 2019 No Comments

Happy Pride Month!

I recently did an interview for “In Focus with Loretta Boniti” on Spectrum News North Carolina talking about my work in the legislature to support the LGBTQ Community. Four main issues I’m working on:

1. Full Repeal of HB2.
2. Equality for All (Bans discrimination in housing, employment & public accommodations).
3. Ban on Conversion Therapy.
4. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (Greater reporting of these crimes and would expand current law to include sexual orientation among other categories).

Rep. Allison Dahle – NC House 11 also joined the program to talk about her work on LGBTQ issues in the House.

Wiley Nickel talking about LGBTQ Issues on “In Focus with Loretta Boniti”