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Media Release: 12/19/2017

Wiley Nickel for North Carolina
P.O. Box 1655
Raleigh, NC 27602


Media Release:
Local climate group endorses Wiley Nickel for NC Senate:
People for Action on Climate Change endorses Wiley Nickel

Cary, NC – Wiley Nickel received the endorsement of People for Action on Climate Change in his race for North Carolina’s newly created 16th Senate District.  The endorsement was announced by email to all supporters of People for Action on Climate Change.

“Wiley is a thoughtful, meticulous progressive, the kind that draws on an uncommon reserve of optimism tempered by a wisdom that belies his youth.  No hand-wringing, no Trump bashing, no pointless outrage.  Instead, what you have is an infectious sense of focus and the undeniable feeling that you are in the presence of a man with a map, and on a mission,” said Srinath Jayaram, Director for People for Action on Climate Change.

Wiley Nickel earned the “endorsement, not just because he feels the climate crisis deep in his bones, but because he has the wisdom to know a pie in the sky from what’s needed on the ground, right here, right now,” said Jayaram.

“I’m proud to receive this important endorsement.  I have been a strong supporter of efforts to fight the climate crisis since I first began working for Vice President Al Gore in 1996.  I worked for Al Gore at the White House and traveled with him as a member of his national advance staff during his campaign for President in 2000.  Today I’m a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps.  In the Senate I will work closely with groups like People for Action on Climate Change to mobilize others to act on climate change, spread the truth about the climate crisis and build popular support for clean energy solutions,” said Wiley Nickel.


Contact Info:
Logan Rains
Campaign Manager
(919) 584-5048;

About People for Action on Climate Change:
People for Action on Climate Change ( is an organization designed to (1) Mobilize North Carolina voters for the 2018 midterm elections, (2) Expand voter rolls in North Carolina and (3) Educate voters to be leaders.  “Climate change demands a transformation of policy at every level and in every aspect of our government. Our mission is to register 200,000 new voters across the state of North Carolina with data-driven neighbor-to-neighbor outreach. Together we can force our elected representatives to acknowledge and act on the threats posed by climate change.”