Ovation TV CEO & Public School Activist endorses Wiley Nickel for NC Senate 16

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Ovation TV CEO and Public School Activist, Charles Segars endorses Wiley Nickel for NC Senate 16

In a statement, Segars affirmed the following, “I believe that a commitment to the arts is the greatest measure of a democracy. And, the size of that commitment reflects the strength of the Union. Public school art programs are in danger, yet they still are our best way to tell the story of who we are as Americans. As the CEO of the nation’s only television network devoted to the arts, I firmly believe that an understanding and appreciation of the arts and well-developed creative skills are central to the future of America’s workforce development. I got to know Wiley very well when we both worked for the Obama White House. Wiley Nickel shares my commitment to fully funding public school arts programs. Wiley knows that art and music instruction is essential to a well-rounded public education and yet many school districts in North Carolina are being forced to reduce funding for the arts. In the Senate, Wiley will be a strong supporter of fully funding public school arts and music curriculum. I’m proud to support Wiley for North Carolina State Senate.”

In response, to this latest endorsement Wiley Nickel said, “I am proud to have Charles endorsement and as State Senator, I will fight every day to ensure our public schools are fully funded that includes adequate funding for a robust art and music curriculum.”

Meet Charles Segars.

Charles Segars is the Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors for Ovation TV and Ovation New Media, art and culture focused programming service. Mr. Segars is founder of Segars Media, a content production company best known for Disney’s blockbuster franchise National Treasure, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and the forthcoming, National Treasure 3. He co-created and wrote the story for the franchise and serves as Executive Producer.