Phil Berger Attacks Sen. Wiley Nickel

By April 23, 2019 No Comments

I have some disturbing news.

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger publicly attacked me and a bill I sponsored to help fund our public schools.

My bill, Senate Bill 583, would shift millions of unused private school voucher dollars to public schools for construction and personnel (1). The day after SB 583 bill was filed, Berger produced a twisted press release that was so disconnected from reality that the journalists at WRAL felt compelled to set the record straight in an editorial (2).

Why did Senator Berger attack me personally? Because my bill would help fill in the public school funding gaps that a decade of Senator Berger’s budget and tax cuts created.

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Let’s set the record straight: Our schools need funding and I want to help. Republicans say there is not enough funding for basic public school needs but they’re content to let nearly $20 million sit unused in a private school voucher slush fund (3)?

Like the journalists at WRAL said, “If Phil Berger and his fellow legislative leaders truly cared about the state’s school children and accountability, they would praise… Nickel for [his] diligence and concern. They’d also apologize for their misdirected scorn and mockery.”

Will you chip in $25 to our campaign so we can continue to make public education a real priority in our state?

 Together, we can finally give our children the education they deserve,



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