Senator Nickel joins educators protesting lack of support for Public Education

By November 27, 2019 No Comments

Senator Nickel joined educators protesting the budget and the lack of support for public education by Republican leaders in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Educators and members of the North Carolina Association of Educators from Turner Creek Road Elementary School staged a walk-in today. They were on hand to demand a budget that makes needed investments in public education.

North Carolina is 42nd in the country in spending per student. Senator Nickel said, “we have a choice that needs to be made. Republicans want to continue giving massive tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy. When they do that there’s no money left for public education and teacher pay. The North Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus supports a real increase in teacher pay and needed investments for our kids and our schools.”

Senator Nickel wen on to say, “we can either invest in more tax cuts for corporations or we can invest in our schools and our kids. I’m going to keep showing up and fighting alongside Wake NCAE until we get a real budget that makes those needed investments in public education.”