Senator Nickel Speaks at Cary Muslim Center Vigil

Following mass shooting, Senator Nickel speaks at a local vigil in Cary, NC

Cary, NC – On Friday evening, following a mass shooting in New Zealand, the effects of which have been felt around the world, Senator Wiley Nickel was invited to speak at a vigil at the Cary Muslim Center.

Senator Nickel opened with his deepest sympathies and prayers for the individuals, families, and communities who feel this pain most personally, saying, “I hugged my children a little longer and a little tighter today”.

Speaking to those who had gathered, Senator Nickel said, “I refuse to become numb to yet another tragic hate crime and murder of those in a house of worship.”

Senator Nickel is a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 209. This bill is entitled “The Hate Crime Prevention Act” and would increase the scope and punishment for hate crimes in North Carolina. Senate Bill 209 would also require the SBI to improve their methods of collecting and maintaining hate crime statistics.

“I think it is especially important for everyone who serves in public office to understand that their words matter,” Nickel stated. “President Trump was cited as a source of inspiration by these cowardly and pathetic murderers.”

With instances of anti-semitism, white nationalism, and islamophobia on the rise, Senator Nickel called on the community to join him in prayer tonight, and join him with action tomorrow saying, “we must stand together against bigotry and hatred across the world.”