Sierra Club Endorses Re-Election of Senator Wiley Nickel

By December 17, 2019 No Comments

“I’m proud the be endorsed by the Sierra Club in my re-election to the Senate. I ran for the Senate to protect North Carolina’s natural resources and fight the climate crisis. In my first term we’ve secured some important victories for the environment:

☑️ Defeated the bad provisions of SB 559 opposed by the Sierra Club which would have allowed Duke Energy to engage in multi-year rate making. The public may not have been able to weigh in on rate increase proposals and energy choices like who would pay for coal ash cleanup.

☑️ Defeated SB 377 (NC Wind Power Moratorium) which will provide a huge boost for efforts to provide more clean energy for our state.

☑️ Defeated SB 446 (Anti-Electric Vehicle Bill). Bill would have made North Carolina the most expensive state in the nation to own an electric vehicle.

☑️ Sponsored/Authored SB 513 (State Clean Energy Goal for 2050). Bill would get North Carolina to 100% renewable energy by 2050. The bill was buried by Senate Republicans but provides a great example of the legislation that I will advance in the Senate when we flip four seats to take the majority in 2020.”