Wiley Nickel for North Carolina
P.O. Box 1655
Raleigh, NC 27602

Cary, NC: Monday, Wiley Nickel, a Democratic candidate for the NC Senate, filed paperwork at the Wake County Board of Elections to run for office in District 16. This newly created Senate District will represent Cary, Morrisville, and parts of NW Raleigh.  There is no incumbent State Senator in the 16th District. In a statement to his supporters, Nickel said, “I’m running for the State Senate because I know North Carolina can be a progressive leader once again.”

Wiley Nickel is the first candidate to file for the 16th Senate District. The two other candidates who have announced their intention to run for the Senate seat are Luis Toledo of Raleigh and Katherine Bricio of Cary. Nickel is not only the first one to file, but he is the presumptive front-runner reporting a fundraising haul of $154,659 in 2017 along with numerous local endorsements. In contrast, Toledo and Bricio have only reported raising $3,663 and $5,020 respectively.

In the statement, Nickel voiced his enthusiastic support for progressive programs such as Universal Healthcare and Debt Free College. Nickel said, “In the Senate, I will fight to strengthen our public schools, raise teacher pay, expand Medicaid and increase access to affordable health care. I will fight the climate crisis, work to expand renewable energy in North Carolina and protect our rivers and lakes from pollution.”

Nickel ended his statement pledging to “protect the sacred right to vote from continued attacks by the Republicans in the Legislature.” He said he supports a non-partisan redistricting reform that “allows voters to choose politicians and not the other way around.”

The Democratic Primary will be on Tuesday, May 8th and the maps for the Wake County Senate seats are final despite ongoing legal issues concerning the underlying House seats.

Wiley Nickel is a long-time resident of Cary where he lives with his wife, Caroline, and their two small children. He is a local attorney and small business owner in Cary. Nickel is a former Obama White House staffer and hopes to build on President Obama’s legacy in the North Carolina State Senate.