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Senator Nickel Co-Sponsors Bill to Restore Master’s Pay for Teachers

By February 14, 2019 No Comments

Bill Will Restore Bonus Pay For Teachers With Graduate Degrees

RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina State Senate Democrats are introducing Senate Bill 28, a bill that will restore bonus payments for teachers with Master’s or Doctoral degrees. Bonus payments provided by this bill serve as an incentive for teachers to continue their education beyond a Bachelor’s degree. NC Senator Wiley Nickel is co-sponsoring this bill.

These teacher bonuses were eliminated under former Governor Pat McCrory as a cut to his 2013 budget plan. North Carolina was the first state to repeal this type of professional pay for teachers. Senate Democrats have pushed against this decision and filed bills to restore this incentive in the 2014-2015 and 2017-2018 legislative sessions.

Senate Bill 28 is largely a response to the erosion of support for public education in North Carolina over the past decade. Educators in North Carolina have seen a sharp decline in support for public education, noting poor working conditions, pay cuts and outdated classroom resources. In May 2018, educators marched in Raleigh asking NC legislators to make public education a priority in the state.

“We need to respect our teachers and value the work they do to educate future generations,” said Sen. Wiley Nickel. “Teachers who pursue a Master’s or Doctoral degree are demonstrating a commitment to their profession, and it is important that we not only encourage teachers to further their education, but also reward the ones who have.”

This bill restoring pay bonuses for teachers who further their education has been met with bipartisan support. Senator Nickel prioritized improving public education during his campaign, and is excited to be co-sponsoring a bill that will create major reform in public education.

Senator Wiley Nickel is a newly-elected Democratic Senator representing North Carolina’s 16th Senate District,  which includes Cary, Morrisville, and Northwest Raleigh.