Lung Cancer Prevention Information – PSA with Dr. Hiren Mehta

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Lung Cancer Prevention Information. My father passed away from lung cancer when I was 18 so this is a personal issue for me and a top priority for my work in the North Carolina General Assembly.

I spoke with Dr. Hiren Mehta from UNC REX Healthcare about two main issues for preventing/fighting lung cancer.

1. Lung Cancer Screening Criteria.
2. Smoking Cessation.

Please get screened for lung cancer if you fall in either of these three categories.

1. Age: If you are between 55-77 years old.
2. Smoker: If you are a current or former smoker (within the last 15 years).
3. Amount of smoking. If you’ve smoked over 30 pack-years of smoking. One pack per day for thirty years is 30 pack years. Two packs per day for 15 years is 30 pack years.

About 20% of lung cancer is not smoking related. Radon is a leading caucus of lung cancer for non-smokers. Be sure to have your home tested for Radon.

The goal of screening is to catch lung cancer early when it’s easier to treat. One of the most important ways to avoid lung cancer is to stop smoking.”