End Gerrymandering Now!

By October 3, 2018 No Comments

Republicans draw every map in North Carolina to look like this. And it wrecks our democracy.

The system is rigged. The fight to fix it is now.

Since 2011, Republicans gerrymandered the country more aggressively than at any time in our history. The result? Your vote might not count the way you think it does. It’s wrong and I’m here to fix it.

How does gerrymandering work? North Carolina votes 50/50 every year. Yet Republicans control 70% of the seats in the State Senate because they’ve been able to rig the system. They created districts that elect Republicans by packing Democrats into Democrat majority districts and then putting just enough Republicans into all the rest to make sure that there’s no real completion in November.

Republicans have rigged the system. They believe that elected officials should be able to choose their voters right than the voters choosing their elected officials. It’s wrecking our Democracy.

The 2016 election proves that special interests have too much control over politicians and our government- the voices of everyday North Carolinians are getting drowned out.

In the State Senate, I will fight to get big money out of politics, push for independent redistricting reform and improve access to the ballot.

It’s time to break the Republican Supermajority and give North Carolina back to the people.