Senator Nickel Votes in Opposition to Tax Cuts for Corporations

By May 18, 2019 No Comments

Statement from Senator Wiley Nickel about his vote in Opposition to Senate Bill 622

“Today I stood up and spoke in opposition to Senate Bill 622. Republicans are pursuing needless corporate tax breaks in the face of enormous unmet needs across North Carolina — $8 billion in school infrastructure, a massive shortage of in school psychologists and 500,000 working adults still uninsured.

This is another roughly $200 million annual tax giveaway on top of close to $4 Billion that we lose annually in Republican tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

We are failing in our successes in public education, healthcare and infrastructure.
North Carolina is 42nd in per-pupil spending for public education; 49th in wage competitiveness for teachers. We’re 41st in uninsured population; 38th in median household income; 37th in poverty and 41st in infant mortality.

North Carolina can’t afford Republican tax plans.”

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