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Dear Friends:

There’s only one way we can beat Donald Trump in 2020. We’ve gotta vote and we’ve gotta make it our mission to ensure that every single person we know gets out there and votes in November.

Our first major test in North Carolina comes on Tuesday, March 3rd.  Voting and staying educated about the election is absolutely crucial in 2020. Please hit this link for a sample ballot and information about your options for voting in the Democratic primary on March 3rd.

  1. Want to avoid lines? You can vote by mail. Hit this link for absentee ballot information.
  2. Early Voting is one of the easiest ways to vote. It lasts from Feb 13th – Feb 29th. Hit this link for information about locations and times.
  3. Like Voting on Election Day? Hit this link to find your polling place for Election Day on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Voting in this primary election will send a simple message to President Trump and the Republican leadership: We’re coming for them and we’ll be voting again in November.


The Team at Wiley Nickel for North Carolina


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